Stands for animal testing

In order to detect behavior pattern it is necessary to create standart conditions for an experiment and make it repeatable.

We offer ready-made solutions for animal testing in SPF conditions. The main function of stands is to isolate the animal from distracting factors that can lead to inaccuracy in the experiment, as well as creating right experiment conditions. 

  • Small rodents
  • Big rodents
  • Big animals (Pigs,ninks,dogs,foxes)
  • Zebra fishes

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Arenas are used with stands for creation of experiment conditions.  We propose ready-made arenas for standart preclinical tests for small and big rodents. We can manufacture any mazes on client request.

  • Open field
  • Plus maze
  • Forced swim test (Porsolt)
  • Morris water maze
  • Dark-light box

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